American Genocide

Make no mistake. THIS IS A GENOCIDE. Gleefully being played out without one bomb being dropped, without one bullet being fired.

The only weapon is money and a convenient coincidence.

That video was from two days ago.

This is by no means up to date. It’s from the afternoon of April 3, 2020.
Global cases: 1,050,777 US Cases: 257,773
That’s 24.53% for us.
Global deaths: 55781. US Deaths: 6586
That’s 11.8% for us.

Let’s take a look at this. Thers’s been warnings for years. Many years. There were warnings to this administration to prepare for a pandemic dating back to 2017. There were exercises by the pandemic response team that prompted these warnings. They were told to strengthen the stockpile of necessary medical equipment and medications. The Trump administration disbanded the pandemic response team in 2018. In September of 2019, the administration was again warned of a pending epidemic and to strengthen the stockpile. On December 31, 2019, the administration was told of coronavirus in China. Strengthen the stockpile. The administration has been sending equipment overseas, bowing to corporations to sell to the highest bidder. Those companies (3M, et al) continued to sell to countries overseas until March. The president has yet to enforce the Defense Production Act, treating it as merely a suggestion.

All the while, he has refused to invoke a nationwide lockdown, allowing Republican governors in the midwest and south to deny science, claim ignorance or as it would seem to some of us, change nothing for their constituents and continue on as usual. They are allowing for gatherings for religious groups, where close contact and every action possible to spread the virus is encouraged.

Doctors, nurses, naval officers, and essential workers are being fired for speaking out in an effort to save lives. Doctors and nurses and workers are having to isolate themselves from their families and work while sick. Some are quitting because they are choosing their lives and the amount of death is too much to bear. Some are having their pay and hours cut. Some doctors are dying. There is talk of enlisting dentists to aid. There is also some talk of enisting veterinarians. If there was ever a time for free college tuition, this is it. It must be made vastly easier to replace the healthcare providers that we are losing daily, either through PTSD or death.

Families are unable to say goodbye to their loved ones. At the pace of mortality, there is no way for morgues and funeral homes to keep up and it is any one’s guess as to when families and communities will be able to gather to mourn the lost.

And all this BEFORE we even think about the robbery that is being committed right in front of our eyes or the countless lives lost as a domino effect – those who could not be reached in times of other life threatening emergencies, those who cannot afford their medications, those who will take their lives out of desperation or as a misguided preventative measure. The inevitable newly homeless families. The children without mothers.

While this is a time when every working citizen who is able should be storming the offices of our elected officials in Washington DC demanding for our lives, we are stuck in our homes, doing the most patriotic thing we can do. Watch “Tiger King.” Or do as I do, seek understanding of the cruelty what I see happening before me.

To give credit where credit is due, there are those who recognize their wealth and privilege and are giving in ways that we have come to not expect. To them I say your are blessed by the spirit of God.

And then there are those who recognize their wealth and privilege and seek to increase it while standing on piles of body bags.

This is America 2020.