Most things I know, I learned because I read, have wicked critical thinking skills, and can call BS when I see it. I’m calling BS now because I was too way young in 60’s and I’ve been living the con of what’s happening. 

When I was a kid, my parents gave me the greatest gift. The gift of critical thinking skills.
I really should thank my mother while I still have the chance.

I swear I tried. I really tried. But nature and nurture made me an outsider, a misfit. It didn’t help that all the mixed messages I received from those I thought were uploaded to help me did nothing but throw me into “fuck it” mode by the time I was stepping into high school. But still I tried to play the game.

I entered the working world during the Reagan years. Having been given a good work ethic by my parents and grandparents, this was expected. Work took precedence over any education after high school, apart from tech school. It even went ahead of unpaid internships; although they would have helped me greatly, I could barely afford the bills I had. I very often had 2 jobs or was working 16 hours a day. Employers loved me. In the meantime, whatever dreams I had slipped away faster than I could keep up.

Trickle down economics and systemic racism made life so much harder than it needed to be.

35 years later, I have been struggling under the weight of the crap that lands on the bottom end of trickle down economics, systemic corruption, systemic oppression, and the way things have been for working people since the days of the Pharoahs or before.

I’ve met a lot of people in my day. And I tend to listen more than I speak. Wait… Let me fix that. People tend not to listen to what I have to say. Unless I’m either really angry (not usual thing) or when I’m telling jokes. Truth be told, it took me 50 years to figure that out.

But as I was saying…. I’ve heard a lot of people’s stories and I know that skirting around in world of intersectionality, my struggles aren’t unique in a general sense. The only thing that makes them unique is that they are my experiences.

I am finally using those skills I learned in tech school, along with my love of photography, art, writing, and all things creative to process for myself and educate others. Dark humor, satire, and justifiable outrage… Yeah… that’s the ticket.

Funny how looking at the business end of the collapse of the world as we know it has a way bringing out the courage in people.