Goose Stepping Toward Their Own Demise

Remember that most of the base consists of conspiracy theorists and people who gleefully give up their money to buy televangelists private jets. They believe that Trump is a gift from God who will make Jesus come back. Newsflash — Jesus is already here. And he’s a progressive.

There are some days I think people are going to finally get it. And then there are days like today. Yesterday, Virginia turned blue for the first time in decades. Kentucky voted out Matt Bevens. And I applaud both states for shaking and waking themselves up and saying “Enough is enough!” I haven’t shaken out all of the November 2019 elections yet – it’s going to be exciting to see how many states got it together and got rid of some swamp creatures. And by “swamp creatures” I mean those who are on the corporate dark money chain, irrespective of party.

And then this morning, before caffeine, I was struck by two things: Amy Klobuchar made the late night talk show rounds last night and I have to quote one of the commenters on one of those videos: “She’s a walking talking point.” I couldn’t agree more. There is no better example of a status quo, corporporate Democrat than Senator Klobuchar. Her interviews were almost verbati. Especially that “I want to be president for all Americans, not just half” is an expression I just don’t want to hear any more. Or Mayor Pete’s “Medicare for All who want it.” Both of these candidates advocate for public option. Translated that means they are being backed by the insurance and pharmaceutical lobby. Quite frankly, I wish I had been aware of the game when I was younger.

Klobuchar also doesn’t believe that we should get rid of student debt. I am no one’s idea of an economist, but it’s painfully obvious to me that if you eradicate student debt, millennials might actually be able to buy homes, diamonds, fast food, and all those other things boomers say millennials have destroyed. It’s only independent media who says anything about that. Simply put, get rid of trillions in debt and where does it go? Back into the economy. Same thing for M4A. All this money that’s floating around and it just wafts into the pockets of the already rich. In other words, let’s give people a fighting chance to start new businesses or retire with more savings than their current trajectory is forecasting.

As for Trump supporters, the majority of Republicans, and people who have been given less than adequate education (red states would be all too happy if public school ended at eighth grade), we have all seen that they will believe just about anything. They truly believe that they are being helped by the policies that have been coming down since Reagan. Those of us who live in the real world are continually scratching our heads when we see things like this:

Or this:

God help us all.