Mother Knows Best

You can tell the way a man treats his wife by the way he treats his mother. This is one man whose wife I have great sympathy for.

Any sane person who has watched any Fox “news” knows that pretty much everyone we see on camera is an awful, awful person. And it makes you wonder how they got that way. It’s pretty common knowledge by now that Laura Ingraham’s father was a Nazi lover. Her brother, Curtis, has confirmed that in his articles and criticisms of his sister. Being raised in that sort of environment produced two very different people. I can say the same for my siblings and me. Even though we had the same parents and grew up in the same house, we are three vastly different people. I found out when I was in my 40’s that I was the favorite child for the simple reasons that I have a heart and a sense of humor. If I had known that when I was much younger, maybe my life would have turned out a little better. More importantly, no matter how I felt about my parents at any given time during my life, I treated my parents with respect.

Unlike Jesse Watters, who by all accounts is an awful individual. I would like to think that all these terrible people are putting on an act for the paycheck. And then I saw this and my opinion of Watters went from bad to worse.

I can be pretty sure that he wasn’t raised this way. He actually does mention that his mother is a liberal. She sounds like an awesome mom. I am sorry her son turned out the way he did. Obviously, so is she.