Please Don’t Shoot Me For Who I Am

I believe in warfare with words and water pistols. I believe in revolution of the mind and the collective conscience.

I was given a body, a mind, and a soul. I was given a spirit. I have the choice to change my body in any way I see fit. I choose not to beyond the superficial, for in altering my body, I alter the very essence of who I am, whether it be a tattoo or gender reassignment. I was not given a choice of mind. I can choose to expand it and I can choose to change it at will. I choose to change my soul by acknowledging the souls of others and their Creator given right to be who their spirit tells them to be. And I alone can choose how my spirit expresses itself. I was not given the choice of the color of my skin, acknowledging that no one has this ability, for it is the only part of who we are that is forever immutable. Skin color is merely a birthmark enveloping each and every being on two feet.

I have no degree yet I am educated. I have no vast expertise in anything, except breathing and reading; reading is the pathway to knowledge and expertise; breathing is the way to keep doing it. I have no job yet I am not lazy; if I am not working with my body, I am working with my mind. If not working with my mind, I am working with my spirit in prayer. To whom I pray is of no consequence to
anyone but myself and who others pray to is their own salvation.

I have not the proclivity, inclination, desire, nor the energy to burn the buildings of the communities in which I live. Nor do I have the yearning to see black, brown, tan, yellow, red, white, or blue lives extinguished from the earth. I carry no gun, no bomb. While I have vices, they remain tethered in self-controlled moderation. I recognize that others have difficulties in doing the same and do not vilify them. I have no need for birth control for myself but understand that others do. I believe that life is life as long as it breathes and is fully conscious of its being and has the will to continue. I am not a mathematician or scientist, yet I believe in the magic of numbers, for numbers cannot lie. Numbers are the basis for every science we know and everything around us. I believe in what I see in the world around me. Believing requires all of our senses and it is our souls which determine for us what is real and what is not.

I believe in burning the communities in which I live with the fires of change, progress, and humanity. I have the proclivity, inclination, desire, and energy to treat all beings as part of the whole, for with the loss of one, ripples of sorrow effect us all. I carry no weapons, save for my words, my art, and the knowledge that we can and should do better for each other and the planet we have been loaned. I believe each and every being is entitled to exist peacefully among others, without fear or worry of what tomorrow will bring. I believe that when we breathe our last breath, we are faced with the reality that it’s not about how much we had, but how much we have harmed. I believe in redemption.

I believe what I believe. You believe what you believe. They may not be the same and let us walk on, agreeing to disagree but respecting others rights to be who we are. And if there be war between us, let there be a water supply available.