So This Happened Volume 1, Issue 1

A mixture of cynicism, sarcasm, righteous outrage and humor

New year, new administration, new endeavors. Welcome to the premier issue of “So That Happened.” Because what else do you do when you can’t work and you you really don’t want to go out into a crazy, mixed up, physically and mentally ill world? You scour the news and social media, looking for some meaning and purpose to your life. What you find there is maddening and ofttimes, wrought with the belly laughs that only come about when you see the absurdity in what others think is serious business.

As it is that news travels fast and ridiculousness even faster, who knows how frequently issues will drop. Could be daily, if all hell breaks loose. Or they could post 2, 3 times a week. After all, the news cycle runs 24 hours a day and so does the stupidity that humankind is prone to. We are in a new era where we won’t be waking up to “Oh God, what did he tweet while he was trying to shit out all that fast food this time?”

We are beginning to return to normalcy. And normalcy means, “same shilling for oligarchs, same systemic racism, same unequal balance of economic power. Only not so much in your face with it.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
People who contribute to injustice, inequality, and systemic racism have no business quoting those who fight against it.

College kid mocking those who can't find work after being a part of the Trump Administration.
If you find a job working for the same garbage people, you too are a garbage person. Yeah, we know DC is expensive. But wouldn’t you feel better living in your mother’s basement knowing you’re not going to hell because you worked for garbage people?
Sen. Joe Manchin
West Virginia Democrats keep voting this man back to DC to help keep them in poverty. Makes you wonder that is, doesn’t it?
Young Black man gets real about cancel culture
Some folks just lose their minds when “those liberals” want to drag them into the 21st century and recognize that people don’t want their children going to schools that bear the names of some really awful human beings. As if recognizing other people’s contributions was a bad thing. Damn all that political correctness and cancel culture!!
 Boomer contemplates microchipping
So many things wrong with the whole vaccine and microchip conspiracy. For instance, why are vaccines being given out for free if there’s a microchip in them? After all, the pharmaceutical companies are all about profit and gouging us whenever and wherever they can. You would think two shots would be at least $5000. And what about the burning itch every human being gets when their body is invaded by a foreign object. And my favorite thought on the matter, who are all these people who made going to surveil all those boring average Americans who do nothing but work and bings watch Netflix and Hulu? Seems to me they would only be watching people who are up to no good.
 California, Oregon and Washington or the Independent country of Cascadia
So Texas, in the absolute worst Civil War reenactment ever, has called for GOP states to secede from the United States. Again. Cool. Pacific coast states, as liberal and progressive as they are, will gladly oblige in the the parcelling of land and wealth. Yeah… Like a prenup. Good luck getting along without the assistance of the 5th largest economy on the planet. They don’t want us socialists anyway.
Donald and Melania Trump emerge from final flight from DC on January 20, 2021
Melania signalled that she just has no more fucks to give when she emerged from her flight from DC to Palm Springs. I bet she’s wondering what’s next. Will he just golf all the time or will he go back to Trump Org? Or will he spend all his time trying to fight all the lawsuits coming his way? I think she’s looking for a way out now that the brand has been ruined all over the world.