Making Retroactive Abortion a Real Thing Yet Easy Way

How about this?

Line your children up in the street and make them sleep there. Starve them.
Drown them. Set them on fire. Envelope them in toxic air. Poison everything that touches them. Charge them lots of money for it all. And then throw them in jail when they can’t pay.

Because that’s what’s already happening. If you are against an honest, moral, ethical and consistent candidate who has been fighting for YOU, not big donors, his entire life you are essentially telling your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews one thing: “I don’t give a fuck about you.”

You have no right to be upset when your children show their disdain for you. You earned it. At least I know that my child understands that I was and will always be on her side.

Things Never Heard Ever

“I want to be homeless because I was forced to give birth to a child I cannot afford to feed or house.”

“I always dreamed of going bankrupt because I got sick.”

“I want to die a slow, painful death because profits for a few people are the shit.”

“I love working 3 jobs and still not being able to rent an apartment.”

“Sure, I would love to pay $700 for an Epipen.”

“I told my Black son to not walk down the street minding his business but he didn’t listen. He’s dead now. That’s on him.”

“I want things to stay exactly the way they are. I can barely buy food after I pay my rent but I’m good with that.”

Needless to say that the last month or so, particularly the last few days, have left me stunned and disgusted over the mentality of the voting population.

The choice has always been clear and yet here we are.