Arguing Over Life and Death

I was not baptized a Christian and I only went to Sunday school long enough to get the basic message. I’m thinking that it was a good thing that I was only indoctrinated with the good stuff. That message is still with me, pagan that I am. Christianity, Buddhism, Wicca, and yes, even Islam, and most of the world’s religions teach the same thing. I shouldn’t have to tell you what it is. And it’s not hard to know where a person stands by how they treat others.

I am soooo sick of the arguing about life or death. Are we the only developed country that is so intent on killing off its citizens in the name of money and profit? Or is it that I am too sensitive to the fact that Repugnicans and corporate Dems are just plain evil and don’t care if we die in the streets? Whether its homelessness or healthcare, we’ve become a country that just doesn’t give a shit and we keep voting in people who give even less of a shit. Hold on – scratch that – revise. We give a shit. Politicians don’t. Unless they’re gonna lose money, votes or both.

Food is life but children are starving and their only regular meal for the day is being taken away. Water is life but the infrastructure is so bad that people are getting sick from taking showers and drinking water. What’s a little lead and starvation when it comes to a child’s ability to learn and grow? From my point of view, it’s part of the plot to dumb everyone down. And for the record, lead also causes behavioral problems. Hey! Score for the playground to prison pipeline. Air is life but pretty soon we’ll be dying from that unless we can afford to BUY oxygen. They want to force women to have children they can’t afford but not make sure that they can be fed and taken care of properly. Who does things like this? We do. We do. USA USA, We are Number 1 – in not giving a shit,

OK. Let me stop myself their before I go into a rant that I hadn’t intended. I guess the point of all that is why are we fighting over the very things humans need to survive?

I got into a comment war on YouTube (yet again) over homelessness. I’ve been homeless. I’ve talked to homeless people even when I wasn’t. I have read stats. And I have seen the stat that says there is no where in the country anyone can rent an apartment earning minimum wage. The person on the other end of this argument claimed that I was immature (name calling is a common response to not having an argument) and that where they live, fast food jobs pay $10-12 an hour and a decent apartment was $600 a month. Oh.. And that there are always jobs and the homeless people are turning them down (to bolster his “they just need to get a job” nonsense). My curiosity was quite piqued and in an effort to get more information, I responded: “and where is this magical place of which you speak?”

I clearly pointed out the obstacles many homeless people have in securing employment. I pointed out that there are people with full time jobs who are living in their cars. I pointed out that there are people who were blindsided by a landlord raising the rent. And most importantly, I pointed out that people barely have savings, moving is expensive, even when you planned it. Who has the money for application fees, security deposits, ect just laying around? None of these true and real facts made no difference to my opponent. The insults kept coming and a few more folks jumped on his wagon and some jumped on mine (this is America after all).

20 comments later, having had enough, I decided it was time to stop the madness: “This would have been over a long time ago had you just given me the city and state so I can do my own research. Since you have not yet given an answer, I call BS.” I am learning that the easiest way to stop such discussions is to ask for facts, verifiable facts. Funny how they go away when you do that. This is how it works in 2019.

So let me get onto what started all this:

I now people from Canada. I watch David Doel of “The Rational National” a progressive Canadian who seems to keep up on US politics more than Canadian politics. According to David and my other friends from the North, wait times don’t really exist the way you would think given the above video seems to make out. Sure, if you need surgery that is not an emergency, yo bump it back a couple of months. In the meantime, if you need pain meds some other relief, it’s there and you can pay for it without sweating. But if you need medical attention RIGHT NOW, you can get it. You can be in the hospital as long as it takes and not be kicked out because your insurance reached its limit or the insurance company decides to drop you just when you need it most. And most importantly, emphasis is on PREVENTIVE healthcare, not “OMG” healthcare. Not for nothing, if there’s no bill at the end, I won’t mind waiting. Like many, I hate going to the doctor. There’s two reasons I go: because I’m sick or because I don’t want to get sick.

We are having an argument over who gets to live and who gets to die and how soon. Because money. Does anyone else find that to be unbelievably barbaric? Of course you do. You are probable one of the 70% plus who want Medicare for All. Doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, pretty much the bulk of healthcare providers want M4A. Cause then they can actually use their quarter million dollar educations instead of doing what the insurance companies tell them to do. They get to actually honor their oath to “first do no harm.”

None of these life and death issues should be up for as much discussion and debate as they are getting. Air, food, water, shelter. Basic human necessities for sustaining life. It shouldn’t be this hard. And guess what? Jesus would approve. Not the prosperity evangelical loving, money driven, hateful Jesus  The socialist, radical Jesus that I learned about when I was 5.

People wonder why Canadians are so nice and polite.
Because healthcare.