How You Gonna Keep Them In The GOP Now That They’ve Read a Book?

During WWI, there was a song called “How You Gonna Keep Them Down on the Farm (Now That They’ve Seen Paree” The fear was that young men wouldn’t want to come back to their rural hometowns after seeing the world.

Now the fear is if children get an education, they might actually learn to think critically for themselves. And vote accordingly. Oh… The horror. Having people running around THINKING. {cue horror movie scream}

I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on. My parents didn’t censor or limit what I was reading. And they didn’t have me baptized. I thank them every day for both of those things. My parents, especially my father knew they couldn’t stop me from learning and they didn’t try to stop me. My father, in his way, was proud of my ability to think. We would sometimes debate on things that were happening at the time. It wasn’t often but always resulting in my thinking a little farther beyond my arguments. And gathering more information. When my brother got in trouble, it was for not thinking. Stupid shite that he deserved to get caught doing. Things that would land him in jail a few times later. When I got in trouble in school, it was for using my head and things I had learned outside of school. My ‘punishments’ for these egregious offenses were a pat on the back and a “good thinking.” Unfortunately, sending me or my older sister to college was not something that was as important to them as it was for my peers in their families. It didn’t stop my love of learning.

If you go back and look at textbooks and curriculums from the 50’s till now and from around the country, the picture is startling. It is a study in the dumbing down of America. And the picture would be complete if it weren’t for those darn liberals. Pushing education and logical thought. Indoctrinating our children with ideas that make sense. {cue horror movie soundtrack}

Overheard in a grocery store checkout line:
Consumer to friend: 2 for a dollar. That means they are 50 cents a piece, right?
Me, adding my disbelief: It was when I went to school.