A View From The Inside of Darkness

I came to know of Frank Schaeffer not too long ago while I was off in the YouTube rabbit hole. I don’t remember subject of the video but it intrigued me. I was interested in what he had to say because he answered some of my longtime questions about the minds of evangelicals. Why? Because he was one for a good part of his life, rubbing shoulders with members of the other shadow government. Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts and the list goes on. Any way, he gets a little into that in the beginning of this video to let us know he has the receipts.

For those of you who have been scatching your heads wondering what the hell (pun absolutely intended) is up with the evangelicals following Trump as though he’s a gift from God, here it is. To them, he quite literally is a gift from God sent to help them oppress us all so they can go to Heaven. Unfortunately, none of this plan is what Jesus had in mind.