Happy Holidays Single People!!!!

Remember I said the grass is sometimes greener on this side of the fence? Well here’s a gentle reminder of that. Even though the holidays are almost over, let’s take a look at those things that we love about being on our own at this time of year. For starters, you can go wherever you want, which is always the BEST part of being a CSP. Or you can stay home, remote control all to yourself, binge watching all your favorite holiday movies, munching on the goodies people give you. Leave the baking to your mom, your sisters, your aunt, and your married friends’ wives. Despite the fact that the goodies came with a lecture on how you shouldn’t be alone on the holidays. And then there’s the money you save by not having to buy gifts for people you don’t even know, except those who have been added to your family since last year. If you don’t have family or they aren’t close, you can get together with your other single friends and have a party. And if you choose to stay home, you can avoid the inevitable: “Why are you still single?” “When are you going to get married?” Kissing some random person at midnight, knowing that you’re free and clear to enjoy the new year in blessed singlehood never looked so good.

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