It’s Time To Wake Up Sleepy Heads

Get ready to start hearing “war helps the economy” rhetoric and bullshit that has been rammed down out throats since the Civil War. War and military expansion is how they intend to “create new jobs” and enslave us to the oligarchy. As budget cuts will cause a massive hemorrhage to the job market and propagate unchecked inequality, we are about to see a crash that will make the Great Depression and the Great Recession look like a slight blip on the lives of people here and around the planet.

Having a Donald Trump in the White House was an engineering of money and evil, greedy minds that believe the ones with all the money-backed power will be declared the winners. Having all the money does no one any good if they are not alive to do anything with it.
These are events we have never experienced before and whether it is through nuclear and chemical holocaust or the awakening of the human race to act for peace and coexistence, it is a series of events that we should never see again.