A Joke: Try Not to Laugh

A new factory opens up in a town or city. They advertise 200 jobs to be filled. 3000 people from all the cities and towns within a 50 mile radius line up to apply. 2000 don’t even have their applications looked at, because it’s just too much for HR to even deal with. 150 get rejected because they don’t live close enough. 400 get rejected because they have been out of work or working at minimum wage jobs that have nothing to do with the jobs they are applying for, even though they have the skills. 100 get rejected because they are ‘too old. Another 50 get rejected because they are disabled. 25 get rejected because they served some jail time for non-violent, petty crimes. 20 are single parents who can’t work the required hours because there’s no one to watch the kids. 10 are LGBTQ and that doesn’t fit the company image. 45 just don’t ‘look right.’

The 200 people who do get hired are paid just slightly above minimum wage, work just under the hours required for benefits and still can’t make ends meet.

The company makes a profit off of things that get shipped overseas and people in the town can’t even afford to buy. The company gets massive tax breaks because they paid for politicians and are perceived to be job creators.

Three years later, the company closes up shop and moves its operations to another country where they don’t have to pay their workers as much. The 200 people who made it through the hoops are back to being unemployed. The town becomes a decaying pile of rubble because people have to leave to find income elsewhere.

The punchline? There is no punchline because this isn’t a joke. It’s the reality.