When A President Comes to Town


People complained when President Obama took vacations on their dime. They complained when he went to other countries, which is part of the job, on their dime.

Police and fire resources in NY City, Palm Beach, FL and Bedminster, NJ. Rented floors in Trump Tower. All on your dime. These cities are asking for some sort of assistance from the federal government to cover some of the cost. Costs that are already far above what any other president could ever incur.

Lost business for stores around Trump Tower and along motorcade route. If you have never lived in or around somewhere the president is, will be or just left, you can’t even imagine the commotion. I have been smack in the middle of Portland when there was a presidential visit. Several times. One of those times I was stuck in traffic for 4 hours. I sat in one spot for an hour or more. It was and will always be a nightmare. Fire and garbage trucks barricading off streets for blocks in every direction around the Governor Hotel.

I think I’ll take a couple of vacations over any of what we are already seeing. I truly hope that once school is over for the boy, NY can get back to normal for a minute.