The Proposed Budget Facing Republican Backlash

What you should know:

The Republicans are made because they don’t get to gouge the programs that they want to see gone.

25% of the EPA budget will be cut, resulting in a loss of 3000 jobs. The same degree of cuts and forced unemployment will be seen in the IRS, the Department of Education, as well as other departments that are being eyed for elimination. These cuts will be reallocated to pay for a $54M military expansion and the border wall that no one wants.

Be aware that most of this money will eventually land in the pockets and offshore accounts of billionaires and corporations. Are we seeing the oligarch’s plan? Are our lives nothing but the thimble and the iron in a gigantic, real life game of ‘Monopoly?’ The cuts to the IRS are designed to break apart regulations and laws for tax cheats, creating a “Get Out of Jail Free” free-for-all, while we’re stuck with some the rest of us will be going straight to jail, not collecting our money, and never be landing on Free Parking.