Witches are to evil as conservatives are to Christianity. 

Looking at the current and ongoing events, I can’t help but to be reminded of the scene in “Titanic” when the ship upends and plummets into the sea. All those people sucked under by the force and inertia of this massive man made disaster that was meant to be a thing of rapturous luxury.

The litany of bills flying through Congress and through the states are a testament to how hateful and anti-Christian Conservatives are. The attacks on the LGBT community, the attacks on the environment, the attacks on the poor, and the attacks on everyday Americans are as harmful to human rights, civil rights, and the wellbeing of us ALL as only seen in dictator run third world countries. They are all so blatant, one has to wonder what Bible are they reading.

Binding rituals that are taking place in the pagan community are designed to stop the incredible evil we are witnessing. To stop the pending human suffering by any means possible. The conservative factions would have their ignorant followers believe that witches are letting evil loose upon the White House when in fact it is the direct and polar opposite. They are doing their level best to consolidate the energy that we all share (dare I say the embodiment of God?) to help bring an end to suffering, not to inflict more.
If you read and understand pagan morality, it is the only dogma that truly matters in ours or any other religion. What was intended by God when we were endowed with free choice and free will:
‘An’ it harm none, do what ye will.’ 
In other words, do whatever you want, but make sure NO ONE (including Mother Nature) is harmed in the process. Conservatives do not and will not cease the destruction of everything in their path. Which is a shame because in the end, they will die right along with those they deem unworthy. Witches are NOT advocating the proliferation of evil, but to eradicate it from the hearts, minds and souls of those in powerful positions who currently have our lives quite literally in their hands. To help them understand that if they continue on this path, they will be lost to any path to Heaven.
Back to the Titanic: when it all comes crashing down, who will be there to save the women and children. And how many will be dragged down with it?