What Price Pay You?

When you look in the mirror

You see nothing

For you have no soul.

It is only those who practice humanity

That see the reflection of God.

You profess devotion with your words

Yet you curse your God with your deeds.

The rapture will leave you behind

While lifting up those upon whose backs you stand.

The meek, the poor, the hungry, the sick

Shall inherit what is rightfully theirs

For their tribulations are their grace.
What price pay your children

When you are long since gone.

The cold, dark reality

Of the broken world you callously left.

In their youth they remained silent

Seeing only the riches you stole

From those whose hands bleed

And whose hearts cry.

They knew of your betrayal

And spoke not

For they played and lied

while others toiled and cried.

Like you, they laughed 

while others wept and died.

It is your children who will pay

Just as surely as the children who will 

Grow knowing they were forced by you 

Upon the earth yet could not eat

While the sons and daughters

Of unwarranted privilege 

celebrate their inbred wealth

In palaces of gold

While the salt of the earth

Sleep in the cold

What price pay us all
For the greed and the lies?