The Plan: The Conservative Checklist To Make America Great Again

1. Remove non-“Christians”.

2. Remove immigrants doing backbreaking, meanial work no one else will do for low wages.

3. Remove any path to prosperity for those remaining by deregulating practices that protect people from financial misconduct.

4. Incarcerate as many black people as possible.

5. Incarcerate anyone who opposes The Plan.

6. Seize property of anyone for any reason.

7. Pollute water and food to ensure that people get sick.

8. Ensure that the sick and disabled die off.

9. Keep education at a minimum to more easily gain control.

10. Use prisons as slave labor building implements of war.

11. Remove remaining paths to prosperity by driving down wages.

12. Incite wars on many fronts.

13. Build up military through desperation (it’s a job), intimidation (prison or military), or conscription.

14. Keep military populated by Forcing women to procreate by removing reproductive rights.

15. Keep production of implements of war flowing through prison slave labor, desperate women seeking to feed the children they were forced to bear, and those unable to fight (child labor, men physically unfit for duty).