​​I entered the work force in the beginning of the Reagan years. There has only been 2 years since then that I actually thought I was getting anywhere. I have not been so lucky. Outsourcing and the independent contractor business model have done me in. But I am still here.

I’m no economist. I am just a person who understands the basics and can do simple math. I listen to the experts. It isn’t a theory. It is reality to those of us who live it everyday. 

This has to stop. There is much work to do to stop the funneling of our hard earned money into the offshore accounts of the one percent. They have infiltrated the White House, each and every one determined to loot the American public.

We gave them a chance. They haven’t even tried to cover their tracks. We have have less than a month left before the rampant pillaging begins.

We have only just begun to fight.