Hey Millenials: You are the majority population. Why are you letting some old guys ruin your future?

According to Pew Research Center, there are 75.4 million Millenials. There’s only 74.9 million Baby Boomers. And yet, you kids are still letting Boomers fight the fight. And quite frankly, Boomers are tired of doing all the fighting for you.

There are no educated, swimming in student debt, overworked, underpaid, living back at home with the parents because you can’t afford rent without 3 idiot roommates, really worried, and unbelievably pissed off people with the smarts, the balls, the tits, and the integrity to change the face of American politics?

You can’t tell me that out of 75 million people, you can’t get together and find a load of people, less than what it would take to fill a football stadium, to fill statehouses and Congress? Really?

You made it clear what you wanted when you backed Bernie. And then somewhere along trail, you caved and gave up. And don’t blame the media on this. You caved. Folded like a cheap suit on a made out of unbleached, gluten, peanut, and dairy free hemp paper.

“The media ignored Bernie.” “Trump got all that free airtime.”

Bullshit. It’s a shame you had to go into debt for an education you could’ve gotten for the cost of unlimited data, cable internet, or the total cost of double shot, skinny, decaf, no foam, extra hot lattes at the coffeehouse with free wifi of your choice. And a whole lot of critical thinking, which doesn’t cost a penny.

You had all the information you needed quite literally at your fingertips. You could have gone back to Bernie’s early days in Congress and seen video showing that he has NEVER ONCE flip flopped on his view of what the American people need. And want. You could have seen that he is the strongest, most steadfast voice that we could have. You could have researched EVERY candidate, for that matter.

Bernie reminds us all of our grandpa. And you know what? He is that grandfather who cares enough to stick up for you, who goes to bat for you when the parents are being unreasonable. He’s that guy who listens and actually hears what you say. He doesn’t judge you for who you are.

There is not a few of you out there with that much heart and soul to take up the mantle? Come on…

We all want the same thing – a future that includes a healing planet.

Come out of the woodwork. Run for office. Run as if your life depends on it. Because it does.

Don’t worry. The rest of us will have your backs.